The Washington Post on The Dog Merchants: “Fascinating” and “Five Stars”

The Dog Merchants-3DToday is an amazing day: The Washington Post has published its review of The Dog Merchants book and website. My favorite parts:

“The Dog Merchants [is] a sprawling, and sometimes fascinating, look at a complex industry. Her reporting reveals that by simply finding a dog to take home we are dipping into a world largely veiled to the consumer and in many ways ethically dubious. …

“Kavin is doing her part. With the release of the book, she’s starting a website of the same name that will let consumers register and post reviews of any breeder or rescue group, sort of a Yelp for dog buyers. If it shines some light on the shadowy, largely unregulated dog industry, I’d say that’s worth five stars.”

You can read The Washington Post review of The Dog Merchants in full here, starting about halfway through the article.

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