The Dog Merchants is Featured on ‘My Rescue Rocks’

my-rescue-rocksI’m super excited to share this link to the My Rescue Rocks podcast that came online today. Host Rebekah Nemethy read The Dog Merchants book, checked out and prepared truly thoughtful questions about both. I’m so grateful for the chance to have appeared on her show.

This is a wide-ranging conversation that goes on for about an hour, covering everything from how I got the idea to write The Dog Merchants to how I went about some of the reporting to how I realized I should also launch the companion website, if I really wanted to try to make a difference on the breeding and rescue sides of the dog business alike.

You’re going to hear more in this recording than the book’s standard talking points. You’re going to hear me talking free-form about what was going through my head as I pieced together the entire project during the course of several years.

Thanks again to Nemethy for having me on her show. Again, if you want to listen, here is the link.

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