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Third Excerpt from ‘The Dog Merchants’ Book: Rescue Must Be Responsible

ny-post-screenshotToday, the New York Post published the third excerpt from The Dog Merchants book. It’s from a chapter in the book that explains how rising demand for rescued dogs has led to a situation where we have some rescuers doing business responsibly while others are cutting corners to fill demand quickly.

I’m sure that some of my friends who are responsible rescuers may be concerned about this type of information being presented to the public. It can feel “anti-rescue” to air these issues in a major media outlet, especially to those who dedicate their lives to ensuring that rescued dogs are properly vetted and temperament tested before they are placed into homes.

But the truth, most rescuers agree, is that not all rescuers are created equal. There are documented cases nationwide of rescuers moving sick or temperamentally unsound dogs into people’s homes. Often, those placements are done with the best of intentions—to save the dog’s life—but the consequences of irresponsible rescue are absolutely devastating to families. Moms and Dads and kids trying to do a good thing, by welcoming a homeless dog into their family, shouldn’t be unwittingly saddled with dogs who require thousands of dollars in veterinary care, or who bite.

I hope that my friends in rescue will agree that helping dog lovers understand the difference between responsible and irresponsible rescue is important, and I hope that my excerpt from The Dog Merchants published in today’s New York Post helps to make that difference clear.

Second Excerpt from ‘The Dog Merchants’ Book: Inside the Hunte Corporation

The Dog just published the second excerpt from The Dog Merchants book. It’s the first 1,000 words or so of the chapter about the Hunte Corporation.

Many dog lovers have never heard of Hunte, but it is a big part of filling the demand for purebred dogs in America. Hunte is a middleman that, depending on the year, distributes 45,000 to 90,000 puppies from commercial farms and other breeders into pet stores nationwide, by way of its $10 million, 200,000-square-foot facility near Walmart and Tyson Foods.

Hunte has been sued on charges of racketeering by the Humane Society of the United States, received death threats and emails calling its workers “Christian devils,” and been cited by the state of Missouri in a complaint that contains the phrase “mass puppy graves.”

“The Dog Merchants”chapter about Hunte includes their perception of what they are doing, based on a full day that I spent inside with top officials.

Here are the first 1,000 words of that chapter, published with permission by

The First Published Excerpt from “The Dog Merchants” Book

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.43.11 AMThe spring issue of The Bark (on sale now!) includes a fantastic, nine-page feature that is excerpted from The Dog Merchants book. It’s the first excerpt to be published ahead of the book becoming available to the public on May 2.

That excerpted article just came online. You can read it in full by going to this page on The Bark‘s website.

Stay tuned for the next excerpt to be published later this month on!