Feathered Quill Gives The Dog Merchants Book a Great Review

The Dog Merchants-3DFeathered Quill, which prides itself on giving readers an honest, unbiased critique of each and every book, just uploaded this review of The Dog Merchants.

I’m thrilled that the reviewer loved the book and recommends it so highly, and I’m especially excited that the reviewer noted how fair and unbiased I attempted to be in reporting on both the breeding and rescuing sides of the dog industry. The review notes: “Indeed, throughout the book, the author rarely injects her own opinions, instead presenting the facts so that the reader can make the final decision.”

My favorite lines, of course, come at the end of the review, which states: “What you, the reader can do is to read The Dog Merchants so you can make a more informed decision when purchasing your next dog. It’s quite simple – don’t buy a dog until you read this book!”

Check out the full Feathered Quill review of The Dog Merchants here.

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