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Quiz: Just How Big is the dog Business?

These 10 questions will test your dollars-and-cents knowledge of just how much cash stands to be made when dogs are bred, rescued and sold.

The Origin of the Westminster Dog Show Drinking Game

boxer dogWhy yes, I did just invent a drinking game.

Dogster published my piece about the “Westminster Dog Show Drinking Game” today. The idea for this piece originated during my reporting for The Dog Merchants, which included spending a day at America’s biggest legal dog auction. I watched as more than 300 dogs—Beagles, Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Yorkshire Terriers and everything in between—were sold to the highest bidder. “Two fifty… two fifty… two fifty…” the auctioneer rattled. “Now two-seventy-five… do I hear three hundred…”

Not long after, I attended the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Within about an hour, I realized I was hearing the same patter. Had I not attended the dog auction, I’m not sure that I would have noticed, but now I could clearly hear the words equally intended to raise the dogs’ value in our minds.

Only instead of calling out prices like the auctioneer, Westminster’s in-house announcer, Michael LaFave, used marketing buzzwords about “history,” words like ancestry, tradition and royalty. He said these “history” buzzwords again and again and again for the audience inside Madison Square Garden.

I went home and watched the televised version of that same Westminster dog show, which I’d recorded on a DVR, and heard similar “history” buzzwords even more frequently with the addition of at-home announcer David Frei (whom the people inside Madison Square Garden can’t hear). It fast became clear that two other categories of buzzwords were also being repeated relentlessly for TV audiences at home. I called them “superstar” words—pretty much anything you’d hear an announcer say about movie celebrities or star athletes at the Oscars or ESPYs—and “conformation” words, which is what the dog show claims to be about.

The Dog Merchants is a work of investigative journalism that talks about the business of breeding and rescuing alike. I wrote it as a “follow the money” book that will let purebred enthusiasts and rescue advocates discuss the issues facing dogs in a whole new way.

In that same vein, I see this laugh-out-loud, fully satirical Westminster Dog Show Drinking Game as yet another angle on the same storytelling mission: to give all dog lovers a new way to discuss the challenges that all of our beloved dogs, and if you’re interested in other games like games online you can also visit spin oasis to find the best options for this.

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Dog Facts: True or False?

In The Dog Merchants, I write about the history of the dog business to show how we got to where we are today in terms of breeding and rescue. Think you know the real story? Take this quiz to find out!

Quiz: Can You Spot the Fake Dog Breed?

In The Dog Merchants, I write about a dog shelter in Costa Rica that had adopters who wanted purebreds while the shelter was full of mutts. So it renamed them with made-up breeds like Chubby-Tailed German Dobernauzers, Fire-Tailed Border Cockers and Alaskan Fluffyterriers.

Adoptions shot up 1,400 percent, just because people had a “brand name” for each dog.

Think you wouldn’t fall for it? Take this quiz to find out!