Booklist: The Dog Merchants is ‘A Megaton Bomb that Reveals the Facts’

The Dog Merchants-3DI just received an advance copy of the review that Booklist will publish April 1 of The Dog Merchants book. It’s another winner to add to our fast-growing list, and I am very grateful for the support of such well-respected reviewers.

Here is the Booklist review of The Dog Merchants, in full:

“Kavin wades into the $11 billion dog business in this devastatingly clear-cut expose. That she manages to accomplish so much without tugging too hard on readers’ emotions is only one of the surprises in this megaton bomb that reveals the facts about how large and starkly clinical the business of dog breeding has become.

“There is no denying that Americans love their dogs, or that purebred dogs enjoy a lofty position in our affections, but as Kavin visits the country’s biggest dog auction and navigates the worlds of dog shows, commercial breeders, small breeders, hobby breeders, and the universally hated “puppy mills,” she discovers the cold truth about our relationship with man’s best friend.

“Commercial breeding exists because people want certain dogs and will pay big money for them no matter what. That desire, fueled by pet trends and famous television and movie dogs, means breeding escalates, sales increase, and shelters are inundated with rejected, abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs. Kavin’s findings are enraging, and there is no one to blame for this mess but ourselves.”

Get your copy of The Dog Merchants book here.

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