5 Tips for Writing an Effective DogMerchants.com Review

Please do the following 5 things when you write your DogMerchants.com review, so lots of other dog lovers can find your review through searches:

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Be specific

So-so review: “This place looked like a puppy mill.”

Better review: “I saw 47 dogs stuffed into about 20 cages that were really small. The dogs looked sick and were whining and crying.”


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.33.40 PMInclude all the merchant names you know

So-so review: “I adopted my dog from a woman named Brenda.”

Better review: “I got my dog from Rescue Group of Cincinnati after talking to a woman named Brenda Jones. The group was offering dogs for adoption outside the Marshall Family Pharmacy on First Avenue. The contract I signed was with a person named Johnny Jones.”


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.33.40 PMWrite all the details you can remember

So-so review: “The shelter said the puppy was healthy, but she was really sick.”

Better review: “The shelter said the puppy was healthy, but my veterinarian said she had heartworm and coccidia. I had to keep the puppy quarantined for two weeks in my home, and my vet bill cost me $750 in addition to the $600 I had paid to buy the puppy.”


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.33.40 PMRate the merchant, not your dog

So-so review: “The dog was a total disaster, and the pet store wouldn’t help me.”

Better review: “I will never do business again with Johnson’s Pet Store. When I told manager Janice Brady that my dog needed an $8,000 hip surgery at just nine months old, she said they would exchange him for a new dog, like he was a defective toaster instead of a beloved member of my family. I love my dog, but Johnson’s Pet Store didn’t care about him at all after they had taken my money.”

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Be honest

Remember: You are legally responsible for everything you write on DogMerchants.com.

Tell the truth. That’s what other dog lovers want to know.




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