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Quiz: Can You Spot the Fake Dog Breed?

In The Dog Merchants, I write about a dog shelter in Costa Rica that had adopters who wanted purebreds while the shelter was full of mutts. So it renamed them with made-up breeds like Chubby-Tailed German Dobernauzers, Fire-Tailed Border Cockers and Alaskan Fluffyterriers.

Adoptions shot up 1,400 percent, just because people had a “brand name” for each dog.

Think you wouldn’t fall for it? Take this quiz to find out!

The First Book Galleys are in the Mail

galleysIt’s an exciting time for The Dog Merchants book: The first of the galleys are going out this week for review by key media and journalists. (And the author commences substantial nail-biting!)

Galleys are “unfinished proofs,” meaning not quite the final version of the book. The publisher prints them in paperback with a cover that looks similar to the one that will be on the hardcover book when it becomes available to the public May 2. (Pre-order your copy today!) Media and reviewers can use the galleys to get a sense of what the final book will be, to write reviews and more.

So now, we stay tuned—and hope that the early reviews will be good.

So far, all the feedback we’ve received has been outstanding, including from bestselling dog-book authors on both the breeding and rescuing sides of the business. If you’d like to see some of the early blurbs, you can check them out here.